Manchester City Practice with High Tech Glasses


Manchester Manchester City seems very serious to wade 2014/2015 upcoming season. Evidently, they were eyeing some new players. Not only that Sergio Aguero and his friends now have a new attribute for practice.

The Citizens have purchased a number of high-tech glasses in order to increase the performance of the players during a match. These glasses have the ability to darken and explain the views.

The athletes who use these glasses are required to keep the focus on what they do because their views will not be obvious. This is because these glasses are intended to increase the level of concentration of the players during practice.

Some penggawa Manchester City as Javi Garcia, Alvaro Negredo, and Micah Richards was seen wearing sunglasses during practice in Scotland. They also have a friendly diving and forced to give up 0-2 against the Scottish club, Dundee on July 13.

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